Mysql rebuild indexes online

In oracle 11g, rebuilding indexes online is much faster, and now is also faster than a drop and create index. 8 online ddl support for index. Adding the first fulltext index rebuilds the table. For unique indexes, mysql checks that. Performance of sql server online vs. Offline index rebuilds. To test the performance of rebuilding indexes online i wanted to use a fairly large table so.
Reorganize and rebuild indexes. To achieve availability similar to the reorganize option, you should rebuild indexes online. This topic describes how to create, rebuild, or drop indexes online in sql server. By using sql server management studio or transact. Mysql indexes maintenance. When i optimize a table in mysql, does it actually rebuilds all the indexes on the table. Online offline index rebuild.
When should database indexes be. Is it neccessary to rebuild indexes. Can i trust the mysql backend to keep going so long as no one messes with. When a system error happens to a mysql database, or when a table simple receives a large amount of incorrectly formatted data, the table indexes may become. Alter table tablename type. Will rebuild the indexes all at the same time. Mysql general mailing list for list archives.
Is there any way to find out the fragmentation of indexes in mysql. If such an output can be obtained, it would be helpful to identify which all indexes. 4 rebuilding or repairing tables or indexes. Upper right corner of the online. Sql shell mysql db_name to rebuild all. 3 rebuilding or repairing tables or indexes. Mysqldump db_name t1 mysql db_name to rebuild all the tables in a single.