Edit actionscript sothink

The original developer of the site many years ago made a mistake by using. In one important link in some actionscript. The original development company is long since gone. I am able to decompile the swf using sothink swf decompiler and find and correct the offending actionscript. Reduces the stress of launching applications or checking websites in pre. Can i edit actionscript in sothink swf decompiler. Sorry, the current sothink swf decompiler does not support editing actionscript directly in the program.
Direkt flash swf dateien editieren und bearbeiten, ideales swf editor tool sothink swf quicker ist ein fantastischer flash editor zur bearbeitung von flash swf dateinen, und geht es auch zur erstellung von flash für ihre website. It have one actionscript file in which is whole plugin code, and rest of files are jwplayer api files. So i need to open that file. Where whole plugin code is. But there is a problem, because when i try to decompile file with sothink swf decompiler. Fla, decompiles simply crashes. Sothink swf decompiler is using to decompile the swf files not for editing. To convert the file into. And open with adobe flash, go to action script then edit the actionscript. When editing process is complete, export that file into swf.